Reverting VM changes?
I ran pcsx2.exe, it did the virtual memory magic.

Now I don't use it anymore, and I'd like to revert any changes it made.

How can I do that?

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it didnt make any changes, it just needed permission to take a set amount of memory whenever you ran it.
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Really? Because somehow now processes don't seem to have users attached to them.

[Image: 89506136kr1.png]

I think one of your services usually running at background is currently disabled.
I don't remember which one... I don't think it is related to pcsx2 at all.
Anyway if you are not sharing your computer with others, or accessing a server,
this kind of stuff, it's not a big matter ...
What OS are you using? Looks like XP, just want to be clear.

Never seen that before, I don't think it's PCSX2 related. Been using it a long time over half a dozen computers running XP, never had that happen.
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I doubt it has something to do with PCSX2 Tongue2. Never happened to me, not in XP, neither in Vista.

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