Rez - Not saving after final boss
Hello everyone, i come with one problem. I get today Rez, it nice, work nice at 50hz setting (PAL version) but it dont save after beating final boss, it just show credits, stats, and save warning for a while (less than secound) and nothing, i dont get unlocks and stats in level select doesnt appear. So my question is, is it game related or it caused by bug in emu?

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This behaviour is different on the real ps2?

Do you use uncommon settings or cheats?
I have no clue if it happening also in real PS2, i dont have any working hardware to test it out and my friend (who got working PS2) gonna back from holidays after 2 weeks IIRC so no way to check it out. And no, i dont use cheats, with matter of settings, i changed a little to get (mainly 1 step of speedhacks) fully working 50fps but nothing more
Unfortunately I don't have this game and can not tell you if this is the expected behavior. Can you maybe post the emulog after the you defeated the boss (you probably can use the current one in the \pcsx2\logs\-folder either in \program dir\ or \my documents\)? Maybe we instantly see something odd.

Maybe you can screenshot your emulation settings as well.
Can I resume from savestate taked at the beginning of the boss or should I start the game like on real PS2 and beat the all whole level? (if secound You'll have to wait about 30 minutes if first then about 5-10 minutes because i dont get emulog with beating the boss)
Savestates are always a bad idea if you observe possible or definite bugs. If bug appear then they are probably saved inside the savestate. Only by reloading from memcard you can get rid of these. But no need to hurry for me... I will go to bed now zzzZZZ
Ok, so I'll finish the whole area, just one thing, this thing appear regardless if I start the game like on real PS2 or I load savestate. Anyway I'll try to get emulog after beating boss ASAP
So everything is explained, its not the emu bug, the game trick me so when i died i thought i finished the game but now i survived and get one extra phase after what was real ending and the game tell me that I unlock things. So thx for trying to help

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