Rez info Save/Load state during gameplay?
hi im new here and i dont know where exactly should i post this but is there a way to enable the Rez infos while you playing PCSX2? i always use the Save State and in order to know what number of state that you were using you have to check it out in Rez window instead before pressing your Save State im using a PCSX2 0.9.8 everything is in default setting cause i dont know how to tweak PCSX2 i didn't touch anything although the game runs fine no problem on FFX so probably this is my only problem for it

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Do you mean that you want the state slot number to appear in the screen while you are playing in full screen? If that's your question, no it can't be done yet.
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yes that would be useful without hassle checking it out in other window ..i see will i hope for future updates ^^ sorry about this i just dont know how to tweak PCSX2
lilypad has a hack to show the savestate number at the top of the gsdx window, unfortunately this only works in window mode iirc.
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