Ribbon FFX
Is there no way with the PCSX2 English version to get Ribbon in FFX (Final Fantasy 10 ). It seems such a cheat that the Japanese, and Pal players get this, and Other than I think FF7, English have never gotten it. [ However I did not play many earlier FF than that, so 1-6 I do not know about ]

There are so many status ailments to try to make for, it is super tough on English version in many places.

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What do you mean? England is a PAL territory...

Was there no International release in your region (which I am assuming must be NTSC-U??) ?
Nope, no ribbon for USA version. If you want one that bad, use the save editor.


I agree that ribbon would have been nice, especially against great malboros. But...I would at least say, for legit purposes, to have customized armors with auto-haste (a MUST for the creations), stoneproof, and confuseproof. It's up to you for the last one although darkproof and auto-regen doesn't seem worth it.
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Oh the things you learn!
Yes it is the morboro that is probably the most frustrating, as he is always ambush ( unless you have initiative gear on ) . It is just I have to make up so many different armor's, and weapons and then remember what area to swap to them. but those playing the pal version just slap a ribbon on, and take up only one spot in a 4 slot piece.. Of course there Omega is a lot tougher Smile

I have looked at the save editor, but I have doubt's that I could make it work right.

I have been using (auto haste)(stoneproof)(deathproof) I guess I need to make one with confuseproof, but I was trying to not have to do that, I tried auto_med thinking it might save me, or at least return me to sanity after Morboro got me, but it seems useless Sad

I did manage to kill Omega though, Smile. It just would have been nice to not have to remove all my strength+, and HP+, and stonetouch, and other things I like because of all the status ailments you have to guard against. And the few Items I have gotten with HP limit removed, and Damage limit removed.

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