Ridge Racer V - Unable to accelerate during a race
I'm testing out pcsx2 again to see how things have improved - while Ridge Racer 5 (NTSC) works with some slowdown and graphical glitches, I found that pressing X in the race didn't accelerate the car... hence the game is pretty bricked!

In the menus, X works fine. Could it be not-working analog buttons? Since this was an early PS2 game, I vaguelly remember them testing this out as a new DualShock 2 feature.

System: Debian Testing (Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-2 (2014-11-06) x86_64 GNU/Linux)
pcsx2 1.2.1 (stable) and latest git (276e3d9d1bb63f0ddc3a3cce4757896af5d138ba, Fri Nov 14 11:43:42 2014 +0100)
In both cases compiled with -march=native -03 (although cmake seems to nuke the -O parameter)

I have installed jstest-gtk and the controller checks out OK (although I can't see how to demonstrate the analogness of the buttons). I'm using a genuine DualShock 2 controller via this adaptor (if anyone uses any other adaptor, please say, I've yet to experience any sort of force feedback with it).


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If I understand correctly, analog buttons are detected as both axis and button. Inside onePad setup, you must either see half+/half-/full

Forcefeedback requires SDL2 which is not yet enabled by default.
Cheers for confirmation - in OnePad, the controller shows up as 'but 12, axes 4, hats 1' - when analog mode is enabled, the dpad is not usable (its like the analog buttons take over the 'control channels') - this behaviour is the same in pcsx-rearmed.

In jstest-gtk, the controller is registered with 6 axes, which makes sense for dpad + 2 analog sticks - presumably if the buttons were treated as analog, there would be a load more axes?

When I get back I'll see if reassigning the keys with the current pad changes anything.
I have reassigned the shape buttons, and they do appear to be just switches to Onepad. Is there any chance you could take a screenshot of jstest-gtk with all the analog buttons detected?

Thanks for the note about force feedback - I'm guessing that won't therefore be available for about half a year perhaps. ppsspp has upgraded to SDL2 now (finally allowing me to get proper fullscreen).
Sorry for the delay, js device wasn't enabled in my kernel...

Here an example on the DS3. I press a single button 13 (aka axis 17). I'm not sure onepad support analog pressure on the cross hat. Potentially onepad disable it for the DS3. Here a code extract:
    // Sixaxis, dualshock3 hack
    // Most buttons are actually axes due to analog pressure support. Only the first 4 buttons
    // are digital (select, start, l3, r3). To avoid conflict just forget the others.
    // Keep the 4 hat buttons too (usb driver). (left pressure does not work with recent kernel). Moreover the pressure
    // work sometime on half axis neg others time in fulll axis. So better keep them as button for the moment
    u32 found_hack = devname.find(string("PLAYSTATION(R)3"));
    if (found_hack != string::npos) {
        numbuttons = 4;
        // Enable this hack is bluetooth too. It avoid to restart the onepad gui
        numbuttons += 4;

Analog was never tested. So potentially some bug remains in onepad.

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Thanks for getting back - for reference I have attached the jstest dialog from this end - clearly the analog buttons are not being exposed for me (all axes here are the two analog sticks and the dpad) - I guess this means I should just buy a USB PlayStation 3 controller (as long as its corded, not interested in battery bs) and see if thats any different, or queue up a project to dive into the drivers to see what is going on :/

Regardless, you've shown that OnePad potentially isn't ready anyway (I'll follow this up with a PM).

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Now reported on the bugtracker: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/366

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