Ridge Racer V and steering wheel

I would like to use a steering Wheel with Ridge Racer V. What would you advice as a plugin?
I tried LilyPad but so far I have limited success. I have difficulties to find the correct settings for sensitivity and dead zones.
My Wheel is a Driving force GT. FFB is ok in LilyPad tests but Nothing happens during the game. 
I read somewhere there was an option to activate in the game but I do not find it.

Any help wold be appreciated.


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Have you tried to emulate your steering wheel as a NeGcon controller? I think this game supports it also Lilypad emulates that controller too as well.
Excellent suggestion. I just made a quick test but the improvement seems significant. I probably have to tune things a bit.
Now I need to figure out how to get force feedback ...

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