Right Analog Binding
Hi. I saw some other posts about something similar to this but with no clear answers and the way they described their problem was vague. Anyway, I am having trouble binding my right analog stick. The problem I am having is this:

The triangle, cross, square and circle keys are numbered 0, 1, 2 and 3 when I bind them. The problem is, when I try and bind my right analog stick the up, down, left, and right axis are being read as buttons 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well. So when in a game, pushing up on the right analog results the same as pushing triangle, pushing right results in pushing circle, etc. This hasn't been a problem before and I didn't realize I was having it until I started playing a game that requires me to look around as I play using the right analog.

I think this makes a little more sense than some of the other posts I saw, although they seemed to be having the same problem, it's just difficult to explain. When I use the right analog stick, I need it to rotate the camera view in the game instead of acting as if I'm pressing one of the above mentioned keys instead.

I am using:
Generic "Steelseries" analog controller
Windows 7 Home Premium(64x) sp1
Processor is AMD A8-3800 APU 2400mghz quad cores 8gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 550 ti overclocked GPU (i think this uses its own ram, not sure how much it is. dunno much about pcs getting this all from system info)
Newest build of pcsx2 ( many thanks to the creators )
Have tried Lilypad 0.10.0 and ssspsx pad pressure mod 1.7.1

When I bind in lilypad config, the triangle, square, etc. binds are overwritten with my right analog input and vise versa. In ssspsx pad pressure mod, the right analog cannot even be bound if I bind the triangle, square, etc. first and vise versa. Is it my cheapo controller or am I missing something in the configuration?

To put it simply, I don't want my right analog acting as the triangle, square, circle, and cross keys.


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Some 3rd party controllers (have one lying around somewhere that works like this as well) behave like that. If yours works similar to mine, it only does that when not in analog mode (I assume they work that way to enable controlling movement with left analog stick for PS1 games that don't natively support analog mode). Try enabling that on the controller itself and see if it helps.
I don't have the time right now to check how mine behaves when connected to the PC, but I can try that when I get back from work.
Oh wow lol. Thanks for your reply and you're awesome. I would have never guessed the "mode" button on the pad had anything to do with that. Figured it had something to do with the turbo. Anyway, I pushed the mode button and, yes, it works!! Tanks a lot.
I am having a similar problem like this, except I am using a standard DualShock PS3 controller. My problem is not exactly the same, the Square, Circle, X, and Triangle work fine. But I am unable to bind my right analog stick to camera movement. For some reason I can bind R-Stick Right or R-Stick Left to X Rotation -/+. But never at the same time, it is always one or the other. It is the same with R-Stick Up and R-Stick Down to Y Rotation -/+. Except Up and Down does not work even when only one of them is binded.

Here is a picture of my bindings for reference, hopefully it makes more sense than my explanation.

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