Right Analog Stick
As the name implies, I'm having trouble with the right analog stick.

Yes, I know there are threads regarding this issue but I have tried it and nothing change.

I am using a normal Gamepad, an AVF Brand.

Using LilyPad, I configured the buttons.

Load the game and issue! The right analog stick. JUST THE RIGHT ANALOG STICK!

The analog button (bottom and in between select and start button) is lit (red light) when I bind the keys. It shows Z Axis and Z Rotation. If it is off, it binds with the Square, Circle, Cross and Triangle button.

So I run the game with the analog still on. The game is Kingdom Hearts where the right analog stick is used for the cameras.

Tried the right analog stick, it binds with the D-Pad when the analog is still on. Binds with the Square, Circle, Cross and Triangle when the analog is off, even when I didn't set it in the config menu.

Help... I'm losing my mind here!! Blink Blink

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Kinda late, but for testing if the controller plugin is configured properly or it's a game thing, use this padtest rom: padtest (ELF). Use the "System -> Run ELF..." option on PCSX2 and select this file.
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