Right Analog Stick Binding
I hope that this forum can assist.

I'm trying to sort out my keybinds, but the right analog stick is binding to the same inputs as the Square/Triangle/Circle/X buttons, with the end result that I can't control the camera.

Any advice? Should I get a new controller or is this a PCSX2 problem?

Thanks in advance!

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What controller type ?
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It's been a while since I bought it, so I don't have any of the technical specs. Here's a photo:    
Try binding buttons within steam to see if something is binding weird (it's buried under controller options).
https://gamepad-tester.com/ may help identify if there's an actual controller problem too.

For what it's worth... if you can splurge and find one in stock. I recommend getting a wireless xbox one controller for PC (just means it comes with a dongle) or something from a reputable brand.

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