Right Stick becomes Left on Reboot
Hey guys, I got PCSX2 up and running today and played ICO for about two hours.

I have my mouse axis set to my right stick so that I can look around with it.

In any case, I quit and went and did stuff and when I came back, all of sudden my mouse was acting just like my left stick. I.e. it was moving my character around and was not looking around at all. I checked my settings and I can't figure out what happened since they are all the exact same. I tried redoing the keybinds, restarting, etc and I cannot get my mouse to act as my right stick now.

Anyone know of this problem?


Oh and heres my settings
[Image: w7egy0.png]

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Maybe your settings are not saving? Check the log, see if it reports any errors about not being able to save
[Image: newsig.jpg]
No, no errors there. It still comes up and I am not sure how to fix it.

It's driving me pretty batty.

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