Right analog stick and mouse confusions
So since I play on my laptop I use keyboard and mouse to map the contols so typically I have the mouse to be the right analog stick

Ive noticed recently that for some reason the movement seems twisted. I made it so when I move my mouse to the left it counts as an analog stick moving to the left and vice versa. For some reason when I started some games (the last one I played that I noticed that in was Predator Concrete Jungle and Scooby Doo Unmasked). Idk why that is since I dont believe the same happened before. Maybe there is also a twist between moving the analog stick up and down since when I played Just Cause a game which I simply played on my laptop without an emulator when I moved the mouse down it would move down directed to the ground almost like a birds view. Later I tried the same but instea when I moved the mouse down it would lower the camera to the ground and point it upwards to the sky.

I believe the simple solution could basically be to just bind left analog movement with right mouse movement and repeat the process for all directions.
But Im not sure that will always work.

You see when I played Predator Concrete Jungle I did make it so despite binding mouse movement to the right to the left analog direction it still moved to the right as intended.
When I started using the lock on system in the game things got weird. The game tells you even when you are locked on you can still use the analog stick to switch between targets. So when I tried moving the mouse to the right so it would locked on to the enemy on the right, but instead it locked onto the enemy to the left which makes sense because I did lock right mouse direction to left analog movement. 
The question would be why does it in some parts(lock on system) work and in others (regular camera) not?

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