Ring of Red Fix!
This is something the specifically worked for me. I'm not saying it will work for anyone else but after searching everywhere to get this thing to work and finding no solutions..

First this will typically work for other games if you have poor graphics. MMO tested. Reduce resolution.

Config - Video - Plug in Settings
-Uncheck Native Box
-800 x 600 (minimum res)
Note: You can use any lower res then what the game's native res is or in this case lower then PS2's Native Res

This helped on the first two missions being that there were no soldiers present. Soldiers lagg pretty bad but through fiddling with settings looking to fix this game I found that frame skipping helped somewhat.

Config -Emulation Settings - GS -Frame Skipping
-Constant Skipping
-Frames Draw = 1
-Frames Skip = 2

This has worked for me so far playing this game giving me 60FPS during FMV Battles. Hope it works for you.Biggrin

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while interesting.. what are your pc specs so we have a point of reference?
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(07-09-2014, 09:14 PM)Yaubot Wrote: -800 x 600 (minimum res)

if you had an old CRT monitor (was the best in the world to play Ps2 game) can use the option on windows for forcing mode (right mouse button on pcsx2.exe) @ 640x480 like real Ps2 Smile

In modern TV works but is poor to view in lowres on lcd/plasma/led Tv/monitor

I made this way:

[Image: 15rij4y.jpg]
Well this was on a 2010 computer 3.14ghz 6g ram pretty shotty graphic card win 7 machine.


Yes for ps2 game I play on the clunky big monitor =P

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