Ripping 3d models from PCSX2
Is there a way to get PCSX2 to dump the 3d models, textures and animations from the game? I've been looking for a function and it sounds like the closest thing is 3d ripper dx. But is there a function that allows for this program to just export it?

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i don´t think you need the pcsx2 for that...because all files are stored on a dvd / image...and there should be programs to read all files out...and i think tools like daemon tools can´t do that if i remember correctly...also there should be a lot of fan-made 3d models of nearly every game flying around the internet...o.O
hm...but maybe this helps you:
i just googled it like "3d models ps2 extraction" should try it too ^^
Actually, there are no dumpers/rippers for every game.
popular dumpers/viewers exist for Kingdom Hearts 1/2 and Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII written by Yaz0r.
There are tools for some other games too, but as I said, not for every game.

For all other games, you have to rip the models with 3D Ripper DX through PCSX2.
And yes there is a 3DS Max importer for ripped 3D ripper DX models and it comes with the program itself Wink

But you have to use a modified version of GSdx with a increased Z-Depth, otherwise the models will come out flat.

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