Rippings and extracting models from Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Ps2 iso game
I want to extract all of playable characters 3d models of the ps2 game Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. I read somewhere, i had to save and do a bump memory during playing at the game if i want to read in my hex editor the eeMemory.bin file without the encrypting protection. But my problem is at this moment, what am i supposed to do after opening the file in HxD software to have the model in obj format ?
I also know there is another solution to extract 3d models on pcsx2. I have to use 3DRipperDX and capture by pressing f6 key a moment of the game where my desired 3d models appear, but i think that method can't work with naruto ultimate ninja 3 :/
Thanks you in advance and sorry for my bad english, i'm french =)

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