Road trip adventure help
Intel Core i5 4670K (3.40GHz)

8GB (4GB x2) DDR3-1600

Intel Core i5 @ 4670K (3.40GHz)

Gpu: AMD Radeon R9 270X

I am also running 1.2.1 PCSX2
The game is kind of slow and choppy and sticks at 50 FPS in free world. I am using default settings and would like to know if anyone has settings that work for them or what I should change to make it run smoothly

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What are your GS% and EE% readings in the titlebar in windowed mode during slowdowns?

Can you maybe also post screenshots of your settings?
It hovers around 32-44% EE 18-24% GS when I'm playing.

are my settings, no gamehacks on
can you maybe post the emulog? It is located either in my documents if you used the installer or in the directory of pcsx2.exe if you used the binary version.

(Btw. the only version of that game that is listed in the compatibility list is a PAL game. PAL games run at 50FPS if they are at full speed. The emulog will show which version you have.)
Ahh! I see now, I'm running a european version, so I should find a PAL version then?
European is PAL (50 FPS). american for example is NTSC(60 FPS).

Which version of the game do you currently have?
Oh, I have the PAL version. Sorry I misunderstood.
So 50FPS corresponds to full speed. But still the game feels choppy?
It's only when I'm in the open world, it seems choppy and unsmooth.

I'll upload a video and see what you think.
Sorry for double post, heres the video

See at :09 and :25 how it slows down kinda while turning and the :09 one I don't really have a description or explanation for.

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