Rock Band 2
Rock Band 2 work in pcsx2 playground? Rolleyes ?

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must work. Like first one. Try it and tell us )
ok but the game is biger Sad
Bigger than your internet capability? Guess whose problem is this?
BTW You have to own the game and own PS2 to play it and discuss here, so lets just wait till someone tell us if its playable )
It works great as the first one and all other pack (acdc, track pack vol.1 and 2) ! Only the world tour map isn't at full speed (40 fps) but it's not a problem.

Game: Rock Band 2 NTSC (slus 21800)
Pcsx2 Playground svn609 (but works same on all)
no speed hack required but i still put it on
Gsdx dx10 1.14 res:1920*1200
ZeroSpu pg
Lilypad pg with Guitar from GH3 pc
60 fps constant ingame

My config:
E8400@4Ghz (but same result at 3.6Ghz and certainly at stock)
2Go pc8500 (5-5-5-15)
Windows 7 64bits Beta 1
8800 Gt 512 (@stock)

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