Rock band
Please help.поставил the keyboard as a guitar but you to game he asks a microphone but a guitar does not find.
Sorry, my engels.

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As i know, any version of Pcsx2 doesnt support device like as Microphone, Internet or lan play support etc. Maybe somewhere in future this will be possible.
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Try to configure pad 2 as a guitar with the Lilypad plugin. The game is playable with this Wink
Rather than creating a new thread I figured I would simply bump this one.

I have the Lilypad plugin and am using the second pad, but whenever I try to configure my 360 Les Paul controller (with the wireless adapter), I always get J0_AXIS3_MIN instead of whatever button I'm pretty. I can set the up/down/left/right buttons, but for X and square and what not, only the J0_AXIS3_MIN shows up. I assume it's a guitar problem, but is there anything I can do or do I need to use a keyboard?
already answered.
ICQ 316120759 for furrher questions. I've finished this game on expert using PCSX2pg
"J0_AXIS3_MIN" is not a value LilyPad will ever display. Perhaps in addition to downloading LilyPad you should actually be using it? Smile
Hey, that's a pretty good idea.

The genius I am, I forgot to change the plugin I was using.

Everything works fine now.
Setting the second controller to Guitar doesn't work for me in Rock Band 2. The first pad is my normal Logitec Dual Force controller and the second is the keyboard with Guitar ticked on. But when I enter any mode it says that I need to connect a mic. I know RB2 is playable somehow but it seems Im still not doing it completely right.

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