Rogue Galaxy
Is anybody managing to run Rogue Galaxy at 1920x1080p with little to no slowdown? If so, what are you running for hardware? What are your settings? I'd like to run it at a full 60 fps, but get around 40, until battles start, then I get around 20-25 fps. I want battles and FMVs at 60 fps without dropping the resolution.

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A bit more information about which hardware you have, what your non default settings are in your PCSX2 and which PCSX2 are u using would help us alot more to help you!! Smile
Intel Core i7 920 (Nehalem) (Stock)
Nvidia GTX570 HD
64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate

Using 0.98, with default settings, just pumping the resolution up to 1920x1080p.
the 920 is a QuadCore right? Try one of the later revisions and try the MTVU hack (Under Speedhacks). U can get the SVNs from here:
overclock the cpu to 3.8Ghz, 200x19 will pull it off with some slight voltage and differential amplitude adjustments.
the i7 920 should be able to handle that game at stock speed, though oc to 3-4ghz will help.
I have a feeling the bottleneck is the video card he must be using a very high up-scaling, try using 2x or 3x in gsdx to see if you get a speedup.

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