Rogue Galaxy Cheats
Hello, im new to the Forum so tell me if the Thread is in the wrong Forum.
Im having Problems with the cheats for Rogue Galaxy, im using PCSX2 1.0 it loads the cheats but they dont work, every other version the same. So i would like to know if I did something wrong with the cheats or if its the emulator. I tried it with 2 types of codes and both didnt work, so i have 2 files but only 1 in folder.

My Pnach files:
I use CBB4B383 as CRC(if its called like that [the name of the file])
1st file:
gametitle= Rogue Galaxy
comment= Cheats

//Max Z after Battle

//Inf Z

2nd file:
gametitle= Rogue Galaxy
comment= Cheats

//Max Z

//Max Z

Im sorry for my bad english, not my native language Laugh

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Does PCSX2 console tell the cheats are loaded? (it should return the number of active lines it found and loaded)

If not, the file is wrongly named and should be the same as the CRC highlighted in blue as seen in the console and must have the extension .pnach (in you example CBB4B383.pnach). make sure Windows is not hiding extensions for in this case you would end with a file named CBB4B383.pnach.txt which doesn't work (albeit you will see only CBB4B383.pnach the .txt is occult there).

If the console tell the cheats are loaded but they do not work in game this mean the addresses are wrong, the codes are invalid for that version of game you have.

PS: Of course assuming you have "Enable cheats" ticked on at the PCSX2 GUI.
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Try this if you have the PAL version
gametitle=Rogue Galaxy PAL
//Max Z
Yes the console says the cheats are loaded, i think ive got the wrong version of the game and codes im using the European version of the game the site where i got the codes said they work for European and North America doesnt look like it does
Quote:Try this if you have the PAL version
gametitle=Rogue Galaxy PAL
//Max Z

Worked, can you tell me where you got the code?
I have archive with tons of codes for a lot of games.
I get the archive long time ago from this site
but the codes from that site a probably coming from here

Here's one more site mainly for PAL game
Do you happen to have the codes for Rogue galaxy NTSC US version. no specif code im looking for so a post of all avaiable would be awesome
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