Rogue Galaxy Issues
Ive been trying to get it to run properly for a while now.
Ill have text missing from the subtitles and in battle I dont even see the tutorial windows unless Im in software mode, but in that mode the game run way too slow, but in hardware mode its fullspeed but parts of the hud are missing.

My specs on the computer are
i5 2500k
8gb ram
MSI 6950

Pretty much any other game I can run with no problems but this one is a real pain, any help would be appreciated.

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I forgot to put these up, my current settings.




I'd leave the EE and VU clamping modes at default, untick the allow 8bit textures in GSdx, and make sure your HW hacks do not use some weird skipdraw value to mess things up.
Mustve been the skipdraw, I used that setting to help with FF12s ghosting, Now it looks just fine thank you.

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