Rogue Galaxy Title Screen flickering with garbled graphics
I tried Hardware and Software mode but still same problem.

Here are my settings.

PCSX2 beta r1888

Gsdx 2693 MSVC 15 SSE3 0.1.16
Linuz Iso
PEOPS SPU2 1.9.0


EERec/EEIOP - checked
VU0rec - checked
VU1rec - checked
microVU0 - checked
microVU1 - checked

Frame limiting - Normal

Speed Hacks

x2 cycle
Esc Hack

INTC sync hack - checked
Enable X2 cycle rate - checked
Idle loop - checked
Status Flag - checked
Min Max - checked
VU cycle Stealing - Slight Speedup

Intel GMA X3
2Gb Ram
Dual Core 3Ghz
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Maybe because you have all hacks on?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
will disable the speed hacks and try again.
game works fine just the title screen.
I run it with SEE2 plugin. And I got internal res at 1024x1024 instead of native mode... Hardware mode seems to work well in this game.

For me framerate drops to around 45 FPS in some heavier scenery (without speedhax).

I run it with only EE cycle x2 enabled. Haven`t had any troubles yet and the game runs smooth.
Best thing is to turn them speedhax on one by one, rather than all at once. (although it does produce some interesting effects Tongue)

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