Rogue Galaxy not working on 1.0.0?

When trying to run Rogue Galaxy (SCUS97490) I get as far as the PlayStation 2 logo. Then just a black screen that last forever. Is the game broken under 1.0.0 or is it related to settings or BIOS? Anyone able to run this under the latest version?

My PC should be capable of running it as I have no problem playing Final Fantasy XII. In fact, this one is a much better experience on the PC than on the PS2, due to the massively improved looks and lower loading times.

My PC:
CPU - Q6700 @ 2.66
RAM - 4,00 GB
GFX - GTX 470

Thankful for any advice!

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use fast boot.

also settings of pcsx2 would be nice, you know, logics Wacko

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