Rogue Galaxy pnach wont work?
I have been trying to get the rogue galaxy pnach i got from here to work but to no a avail. The CRC is the same and checked with ps2 disc version checker as well everything checks out in that sense.

It loads the patch but nothing changes?
This is what i get:
ganetitle: Rogue Galaxy [SCUS 97490] <U> [0643F90C]
comment: Cheats by andutrche
patchnumber: 0

I have gotten patches from here before worked fine (persona 3/4) So not sure if i am making a major nooby mistake or what.

[Image: NewBitmapImage-3.jpg]
gametitle=Rogue Galaxy [SCUS 97490] (U) [0643F90C]
comment=Cheats by andutrache
patchnumber: 0

Even if i try use just this line from the file
//Max Zehn(money)

Nada silch wont work :/

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Uh so what's exactly the problem? What patch is it?
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Got pnach from:
The "//patch" part of the patch means disabled and that's why it's not working.Delete the //
You need to remove the // from the patches you want to work first. Open the file in notepad and do so, then save it and try again.
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ooo my god i just /facepalm'd

I knew it was something stupid i am such a mong -.-'

Thanks a lot Smile

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