Rogue Trooper
Hi there,

Using any version of PCSX2 from 1.0.0 (and tried 0.9.8) and any GSDX (ZeroGS is worse in this case) in hardware mode, Rogue Trooper (PAL) has an issue with the lower half of the screen being black/garbled black whilst the top half looks perfect from what I can see. I've tried no speedhacks, skipdraw, and most of the gamefixes. It works fine as far as I can tell in software mode, and am happy to play like this, just wondered if anyone had found a way to resolve this? or indeed if it's only the PAL version that has this issue? Sorry about the lack of screenshots, I'm at work....

i7 2670QM - Win 7 64 8gb Ram - Nvidia GT540m

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