Roms not reading my controller. :(
I wasn't sure where to put this. I don't normally post in forums but I just can't seem to find someone else who's had this issue, though I'm sure someone has.

So, PCS reads my DS4 controller. I've had no issues with anything. It reads all the buttons, the rumble feature, etc. I boot up Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, and it won't respond to any buttons. Though when I go to map the controller, all the buttons respond. As soon as I load the game, nothing.
If you need any information / screenies, just let me know but I would greatly appreciate the support. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've done the DirectInput, the 360 based one (I have the plugin too), and it just does not want to respond. I am in LOVE with the Outbreak games and would like to be able to use my DS4 controller. Or even my X1 controller.

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Can you show screenshots of your lilypad settings?
Can you show a full emulog after you observed the problem?
I ended up fixing it, fortunately.
The last problem I'm seem to having, is how to get the Network to work. I have the Dev9 plugin required for adapter. When I put it in the plug-in folder, it crashes my PCSX2 when I choose that plugin. I'd like to play outbreak online (Am I correct that you HAVE to have the J Version? I do have a J BIOS as well in case.) but unfortunately I don't know at all what I'm doing lol. I went to the tutorial page but it wasn't clicking for me. I have all the DL's I'm supposed to have. He states you can Swap with PCSX2 and when I go to do it, it just boots up the RE game instead of giving me the info to put in. That's really the only thing I need. I'd probably be able to do the rest if I could just swap instead of having to burn the disc.

Again if you need any information/screenies just let me know. Tongue2

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