Rpg Maker 3 How to Save your Creations
Hello, recently I started to create my own Rpg with this program but the other day when I want to use the "Install Game" option[for install the game you creates] the game says "The 40GB Hard Disc of Ps2 have not found".

Actually I used this editor with PCSX-2 for "Test" after finished the game and test in my real Ps2..Question is...Exist some plugin for use another External HD instead the "Official" of 40 GB?

In other words: Exist some plugin for tell to the program "Install The game in [for example] "I:" and therefore install your project?. I´m currently have an 80% of my game and I don´t want erase it because that disc limitation..

Thanks in advance

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DEV9 plugin is required for that, but as far as I know there's not a single one with working HDD support as of yet(and dunno if ever will be).

Or I might be wrong about the not existing part;p, you might try this: http://forums.ngemu.com/showthread.php?t=109713 never had an use for it myself through, so dunno if it works;].
Thanks for the answerd, miseru99. I´l check this inmediately.

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