Ruff Trigger - The Vanocore Conspiracy [SLUS 21314] (U)
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1)Game Title:Ruff Trigger - The Vanocore Conspiracy
2)ELF nameWackoLUS 21314
3)Game CRC-F73488D5
Compatibility report:Work good.Fine

PC Specs:

CPU: I5 3330
GPU: HD radeon 6850

Build Description: PCSX2 1.3 5932 .svn and git revision 21 of april by Blyss Sarania- Release Pack - Windows
If other please specify: N/A

BIOS Used: USA v02.20(10/02/2006) Console

EE/VU Clamp modes: Normal/Normal
EE/VU Rounding: Chop/Chop

Speedhacks Used:
Standard Speedhackers

Gamefixes Used: 2(Read Commentaries)

Amount of testing done (little/medium/much/completed-game):

Comments:Follow the instructions-
Go to gamefixes use-simulate V1 F1 Fifo read ahead .Fixes slow loading games.

After this the gamegrafichs will appear with glitches that are not fixed in hardware/software mode.

how to fix theses errors?(the game its already playable here,the glitchs not disturb to much)
Reply-Use a savestate in game,go to gamefixes again,deselect *simulate V1 F1 Fifo read ahead .Fixes slow loading games.*
Now select -EE time hacking-Multi porpuse hack try with every else fails.Load your savestate,You dont have more any type of glitch more.

Obs-Will not work mark the 2 gamefixes at the same time since the begin.
Resume-First one to can advance and play,after in game to solve some glitch,use savestate,deselect the first and select the second,load savestate,back to game and play....

Bugs:With not the first gamefixe said by me,the game will frezze in game,
with him the game be playable but with littles glitchs to solve theses errors read above and the game its perfect.

Due to the messing around trying to get the game loaded, i'm leaving this as ingame.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 4GB

Build Description: PCSX2 1.7.0-dev-213
If other please specify: N/A

BIOS Used: USA v02.30 (20/02/2008) Console

EE/VU Clamp modes: Normal/Normal
EE/VU Rounding: Chop/Chop

GSdx Settings: OpenGL Hardware, 4x Native, Bilinear (PS2) Texture Filtering, Texture Filtering of Display (unchecked)

GSdx HW Hacks: None

Speedhacks Used: N/A

Gamefixes Used: N/A

Amount of testing done: middle


* Works at full speed - speedhacks not needed - with a scattering of uncritical graphic bugs.


* Stuttering at switching window/fullscreen mode.
* In hardware mode a lot of effects are applied incorrectly.
* With a high probability there may appear pixel garbage in prerendered videos:
** At the bottom of the screen.
** In hardware mode only: on left edge of screen.


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