Rumble Roses Real internal Res?
Hi people, just yesterday I borrowed this game from a friend of mine and I got this weird situation.

I play my games at an internal res of 1280x800 since it is my screen native res. Whenever I take a screenshot, they're saved in that resolution too. You already know this but if you change your resolution (internal one) it affects the output picture (this, at least with GSdx).

But when I take a screenshot in RR (at 1280x800) the output picture is 1280x400 (veeery stretched). This in game and on FMV.

So, since it is the vertical resolution the one that gets "halved" (does this word exist? =P) I cut the horizontal to half, while keeping the vertical in "800". My final resolution is then (internal) 640x800 so my screenshots end up being 640x400 =P

Does anybody knows why this happens? Why this game runs at a vertical resolution of half the pixels you tell it to run on GSdx vertical resolution?

I'm guessing (and going to try) that if I put 1280x1600 in internal resolution, then the game will be rendering at 1280x800 and my screenshots will be 1280x800.

Weird huh..
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