Rumble support? (Update)
Hello, I have pcsx2 installed on Linux Mint 17 x64, stock 3.13 kernel, with a wireless xbox 360 pad and xboxdrv. Rumble works well with other emulators but not pcsx2 for some reason. Specifically, in "onepad" when I select "Use Force Feedback," nothing happens. (I also have a DS3 pad which doesn't work either but I suspect for different reasons, since I can't get rumble working with other programs either).

Anyway, has anyone had any luck getting the "force feedback" feature to work at all, under any circumstance?

EDIT: I've since found out that rumble IS supported in SDL; however I had compiled onepad for SDL1. Since I could not compile for x64 (which would be SO nice!) Gregory generously offered an x86-compiled version, which worked. However, I noticed that some games have issues - for example, rumble is very faint on some games (God of War); non-existent on others (Resident Evil 4, Total Overdose etc.); and "always on" on others (Project Snowblind). I don't get any of these problems with rumble in Windows. Is this a known issue, a regression or just a bug? Has anyone else encountered this?

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