Run As Admin + Controller?
So I've been running PCSX2 in bootcamp and it's working just fine, had my DS3 connected via MotionJoy and was able to set it up properly, now i was playing XMen Legends and it kept freezing, someone recommended running PCSX2 as an Administrator, which i did....requiring me to set up everything all over again, so under the Lilypad plugin settings my DX MotionJoy Virtual DS3 shows up as [Detached]....yet if i run the program by double clicking (not as admin) it shows that it is attached, just wondering how to get the controller working in the Admin version of PCSX2?

also the ONLY way i can get the DX MotionJoy Virtual DS3 to show up under device diagnostics in admin mode is to load my saved Pad settings from the non-admin version of PCSX2

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