Run Kingdom Heart on PCSX2 mac
Hi !
I installed all normally with this configuration (origin) :
[Image: 27349801.tif]

I run the game Kingdom Heart from an ISO and It shows me this :
[Image: error.tif]

Please Help me ! I really wanna play this game quick !

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You have to use the ZeroGS Dev plugin or ZZOGl
My New Config with ZZogl :
[Image: config.tif]
My New Result :
A Black Screen and 2 secs later ;
[Image: eroor.tif]

I don't know what's wrong and I didn't find Zero GS Dev plugin where can I find it ?
Yeah well the into movies colors are always screwy and ZZOgl is very unstable.
The dev plugin is somewhere around here:
if you still care here is the link to the dev plugin of zerogs.

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