Run kingdom heart 2
I want to know just a simple configuration to make kingdom hearts 2 run on my pcsx2. I have got a macbook pro 15". Anybody knows something that can be useful? (excuse me for my poor english)

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i've the same problem
ask the forum administators what are re requitmuns to use it
what grapic driver do u use cause maybe it depends on thad and
i can paly it(but im windows xp)
Quote:Anybody knows something that can be useful?
On linux this game is playable, so if you could run pcsx2 without BUS error -- you would be able to play it. AA should not be x4 (there is framebuffer error that do picture wrong) and resolve hack 1 is good option.

p.S. Better use ZZogl, ZeroGS OpenGL miss a lot of functionality.

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