Running 2 instances of PCSX2 with 2 controllers
Hello all!

Whilst gaming with my brother we decided that we were gonna try playing 2 separate instances of Dragon Quest 8, and when i looked up to see if it was possible all i got was a forum from 2009 that pretty much stated it was impossible. As of last night i was able to figure it out and we were able to play the game completely fine. I figured i would make this post because i could not find an answer for it and also for people who want to do the same but can't find an actual answer to their problems.

Step 1: Open your 2 instances of PCSX2

Step 2: Configure one controller via wire and another via bluetooth

Step 3: On both of your instances open the controller plugin settings

Step 4: Set one of your instances to Direct Input ONLY and the OTHER to XInput ONLY

Step 5: One of your instances should have "Port 1 Multitap" enabled (not sure if necessary; but worked for me in case not having it doesn't for others)

Step 6: Choose ONE instance and UNCHECK "Monitor when in Background" ( this should allow you to play on one unfocused and the other to run while focused)

Step 7: Clear and redo your key bindings for your controllers, you should have one that lists XInputs and another that has DXController.

Step 8: Select Apply to confirm your changes and hit OK to close the Window.

Step 9: This part gets a little tricky, start the game on both instances and see which controller actually moves and which one doesn't. To make this a little easier, the instance you unchecked "Monitor when in Background" should have a dull look to it's header bar, like when you are on your desktop with one window open and you click outside the window. The other instance NEEDS to be clicked on because it won't allow the inputs to go through if that Window isn't focused. I've had the best luck with focusing with the Emulator box NOT the Game window itself.

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