Running ISO Back ups from hdd
Hello, would like to start off by saying what a great programing job that has been done with pcsx2.

I recently went into my box of ps2 games and started to back em up with power iso/ daemon some of my games run fine on the emulator but some have crashes or the file just doesnt get read so i read countless threads and im convinced its due to me using a virtual drive to play the games from the comp

I get the "root directory not found in iso" "failed:isofs"

So im trying to get some advice on running the iso unmounted

quick example my ff12 mounted runs fine when i use my mds file, when i try to run the iso unmounted I can not get it to work get that error msg above same goes for any other non mounted attemp on any other game.

I am using ( also have .5 and .6 versions same issues)

on .6 i get read block error ###### (221101) repeated infinitely

im thinking I might be using the combinations of plugins and settings wrong.

any help regarding the loading of iso would be helpful and appreciated would be nice to play my racing games again.

if any other information is needed just ask and ill shall reply
my comp specs are

3.2ghz amd phenom II 945
radeon 5770
win 7 x64
win xp

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I would suggest remaking your iso's with imgburn then retry running them directly Smile
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thnx for the reply tried it same issue I do not think its the iso file thats the issue as its more im not using the correct combination of settings in .7 version. guess what I was trying to ask is what is the proper settings to play a iso from my hdd with that i made cause if it was the iso then playing the game mounted via virtual drive wouldnt work either cause you still have to specify the iso location in pcsx2 vers .7 but it does and in most cases flawlessly but I have experienced issues playing mounted and many threads say playing unmounted is best.

so if anyone would be so kind to jot down the steps they use to load one of they're iso (straight from hdd no disc or mounted) files with the pcsx2.0.9.7 so I can try to mimic that and see if its my file rather then my settings would be greatly appreciated
Ok, let's focus on PCSX2 0.9.7, what problems do you get with that one? What erroors? What settings?

To use an ISO you simply select the big file from the "CDVD > Iso Selector > Browse..." menu option, make sure the "Iso" option is also selected under the CDVD menu and that's about it.
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