Running Okami on full speed?
Hello all

Okami is my definite favorite game on the PS2, and when my console died on me, I thought I would never be able to play it again. Some hope rose when I saw that it was playable on PCSX2. Or so I thought.

I can get good speeds when little is going on on the screen, but when on broad environments, the FPS drop below 50 which kills it for me. The game as a whole has really big places.

I'm looking into upgrading my computer specs, and it would be great if, with this upgrade, I got to play these high-end games on PCSX2 (also another emulator, Dolphin, in which I have terrible slowdowns with Wii games such as New Super Mario Bros Wii).

Anyway, here are my specs:

CPU AMD Athlon II X3 445
Graphics Card 1024MB GeForce GTS 250
RAM 4 Gb
Windows 7 64-bit SP1

If there's maybe a way to run Okami better with my specs without upgrading anything, it'd be great. I'm running PCSX2 (svn), which is a little faster, and PCSX2 0.9.8, which is a tad bit slower. The configuration I'm using is the default.

Thanks in advance

PS. I understand emulation is a work in progress, and by "full speed" on the title, I really mean the full speed that is currently achievable.
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Try the latest SVN:
After you grab it, check the new MTVU speed hack and see if it helps. Just so you know it's your processor that is limiting you in this game
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Whoa, that... That did it! The was significant progress in FPS. It's not constantly in fullspeed, but I can finally look at the broad fields without the massive slowdowns.

What exactly does this speed hack do? Does it use multiple cores to increase speed?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the hasty and efficient reply. I'll surely keep that builds page bookmarked.
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(10-03-2011, 02:37 AM)rick_meadows Wrote: Does it use multiple cores to increase speed?

Short answer, yes. Long answer
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Wow, the long answer is bit too long to read.
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