Running Pcsx2 With my computer at full speed?
Do you think i will be able to run pcsx2 at full speed i seen on youtube people with less advance computers running it so here are my specs tell me what you think. and give me you opinion if think i can use pcsx2 at the best settings to run at full speed without overclock i dont want to mess up my computer

Motherboard: ASUS M3N78 PRO
Processor: AMD Phenom 9500 quad core
Ram:4gb but its 3.75 because of graphic card
Os: Windows xp pro 64bt Edition
graphic card: ATI Radeon Hd 3600 1gb
Thank you in advance

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maybe you will be able to play few games that require less processing power, some 2d games too.
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With correct configuration, speed hacks, and using rev1329 (at least that's what I use), it runs all at 50-60FPS (PAL/NTSC, respectively). Newer versions seem to be a step or three in the wrong direction: it broke FFX, KH2, and is MUCH slower.
ffx is not broken in r1474 and this revision is definitely not generally slower. the speed differences between revisions depend highly on the game you try and probably also on your hardware. and keep in mind that a more precise emulation will usually cost a bit of performance, so a loss of fps in some games does not necessarily mean, that the revision broke these games or introduced new bugs.

@the op: don't use youtube for fps comparisons, as those vids are automatically sped up to 60fps. most of the games should run quite fine with speed hacks, some slight or moderate "vu cycle stealing" and/or "ee sync hack" should be enough for playable speeds. and you better stick to native resolution in gsdx first, then tweak your pcsx2 settings and after that increase the "d3d int res" of gsdx.
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