Running SLOW
Hello, I finaly got my Kingdom hearts running

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But now when I play it runs vary slowly. The main menu and advertisements run at 100% but when I enter game i get any from 70%-90% when im inside or nothing is happening, 60%-70% during videos, But only 20%-40% when im outside or im being attacked. I'm using all the speed hacks and have "Native" selected. Is there any way to increase the speed? I wouldn't complain but 20%-40% isnt playable.

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Well, what did you expect? You pc is slow. If you have speedhacks enabled, resolution set to native (or below), everything in the advanced tab set to "to Zero/are Zero/None/Chop,Zero" and it still runs slow - nothing you can do.
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and you could've posted there instead of making a new thread Closedeyes
Windows 7 64bit
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja

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