Running game on Mountain Lion

First, thank you for this incredible work!

I had very few troubles to find/configure different steps (library bug, fixed, BIOS fixed, etc...) But now, I followed all the steps, installed all different components, installed several BIOS version, everything seems to be fine, I have an ISO game, pcsx2 see it in the ISO, but when I launch it, nothing happens (but it looks like process is running because if I want to quit, the program send me an alert that it will interrupt all the pcsx2 process...)

Maybe did I miss something in the configuration?

I use the 0.9.7, Macbook pro 15", Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 duo, 4Go RAM

If anyone have an idea, thank you!

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What exactly have you tried, because I seem to be having the same problems.

Edit: I made the mistake of using 0.9.7 which will not work on Mountain Lion to begin with, according to the website. I have switched to 0.9.6 and have gotten the games to technically work.

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