Running games from DVD
I've been experimenting lately with this emulator in hopes of being able to retire my PS2 in favour of running all games emulated on the PC instead, and so far it looks great if I create an .iso of the game and play it from an ssd.

Is this generally the recommended way to always do it, or is there anything you can do to get better FPS when running the game from the DVD? I've tried God Hand, Tales of Legendia, Wild Arms 3 and Shadow Hearts, and every time I run them from the DVD, they constantly drop from 60 to 30 or 40 fps, while if I run them from an .iso-file I never get a fps drop when running D3D DX11 HW, Native x3.

Can't really say whether or not my DVD-drive is any good, since I pretty much got the cheapest one so I could be able to install Windows without too much hassle.

I have amassed a nice collection of PS2 games over the years and it would be much preferable to somehow be able to play the games from disc. No way for example to force the game to load into the RAM when playing from disc?

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The latest GIT version (from ) has some improvements to the CDVD code in it(it keeps the drive always spinning). That's about the best you can do.
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I believe running from a disc was improved in the new builds, but it's still best to play from an iso

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