Running games in lower than native res to gain speed

I have been stubbornly trying to get Persona 4 working on my system to no avail. I have tried most plugins and combs of speedhacks with little or no difference. I noticed in another thread one chap suggested running D3D in lower than native res (512 x 512) however doing this will cause the emu to crash on disk load. I already know my cpu is pants (and the rest of my PC for that matter) however with no upgrade prospects on the horizon I gotta make do with my current machine.

Are there specific resolutions I should be trying lower than 512x512 in order for the emu to load correctly?

Basically any playable configuration tips would be great.

I have checked other threads for this specific topic and haven't been able to find an answer, hence this new topic.

Many thanks to all the people who make this project possible. It is a fantastic program.

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any power of 2 will work, but you must edit the INI, not on the gui
(04-10-2009, 06:41 PM)Saiki Wrote: any power of 2 will work, but you must edit the INI, not on the gui

Saiki, thanks for your reply.

I have edited the ini file and scaled down the res using power of 2 integers and while the display gets noticibly more jagged witht the decrese, there are no performance gains at all. In fact it appears to run the exact same as 512x512.

The audio is extremely slow and choppy and the video, while being smooth is around one third of the original on ps2. I have tried toggling speed hacks and sound settings while using the lower res however nothing helps. The speed hacks simply appear to raise bugs in the rendering of the game.

Am I at a dead end?

I am using gsdx9 0.1.14 set to:
Dx9 hardware
Pixel shader 2.0 (however 3.0 is selectable but makes no noticable difference)
native unchecked to enable lower internal res using the ini
no checkboxes ticked at the bottom.

spux 2 1.1.0
Effects processing disabled
Direct sound (using XP)
disable time stretching ticked

I am able to get hold of a second Ps2 in order to try a different bios however this involves traveling to pick it up. My ps2 dumped a Bios which dates the revision as 07.02.2002

If I am able to get my brothers new ps2 to dump the bios, is it possible this would increase speed at all.

Sorry for all the very n00bish questions.

I appreciate your time and patience.
make sure you don' have Vsync on then. because I went from 12 fps in budokai t 3, to 40 by going from 512 to 256

Vsync is set to 0 in the ini and unticked in the gui.

I presume this is off?

Thanks again for your help
yes, but do NOT open the GUi after changing the ini, doing so will change it again
No speed increase.

Runs the same at 512x512 as it does on any lower internal res.

I've tried to configure this for almost 2 days straight and I fear nothing will bring the game up to playable levels.

It would give you a speed increase only if you're limited by your graphics adapter.
Single core Athlon 64 is pretty slow with PCSX2.
Thanks for your help and advice guys. I suppose my cpu is a mojor bottleneck. 2 days tweaking wasted. Gah!
it's better if you use pixel shader 3 (it's better Tongue), and you can use xaudio2 (xp supports it Smile)
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