Running slow Castelvania Lament of innocent
Hello guys i hope u can help me im new in this of emulators so , i download it and i configured like in the video all good so i opened the Castelvania Lament of Innocent and whent i log with the character the fps get down from 50-60 to 15-25 and it is slow !! i dont know what to do i try to find everything in google and nothing , i dont think my pc could it but it may so here are my pc stats its an AMD Dual-Core E2- 1800 , 4GB RAM 500GB HDD and it have graphics card but i dont know how much it has so , hope u can tell me how to configure it to get normal speed or if it is my pc well :/ dunno

Thanks !

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Please start with this thread.

Your clock speed is quite low for pcsx2. Best bet is to play on your native ps2. Please also be aware this is the section devoted to issues with the site itself. This is better posted in Windows support section. Most likely one of the mods will move this thread anyway.
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