Running slow despite high specs
Games run atrociously on my emulator, and I have NO idea why. Get a framerate of ~120 on menus but it completely drops in game to between 5-19. Framerate sometimes rises to 20fps in game on default settings but the game still runs veeeeeery slowly and sound is in slow motion...

I have all the latest drivers and DirectX, I have tried speedhacks, disabling audio, changing graphics plugins, changing the graphics settings to all sorts of things.

Odd things is that all the games run the same framerate and pace when I bump up the resolution to 6x native as when I have it on native.

i7-3820 @ 3.60GHZ (was overclocked to 4.30Ghz but downclocked to see if it would solve anything. It didn't)
16gb RAM
GTX 670 (again returned to normal clock speeds ¬_¬)
Running off SSD
Running games off image files

Thanks for your time, please read carefully the steps I have already taken making suggestions.

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good thing we know what game you are trying to play and what version you are using of pcsx2.....oh wait

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