Running slow on core duo T2400 1.83, go7600(256mb), 2.5gbram
Is it because of my hardware or because of i cant find right bios and plugins.
bios usa 2.0, graphics plugin ZeroGs 0.97.1. and when i press configure it says "d3dx11_42.dll couldnt find"

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1 - update directx
2 - don't use dx11 version, prefer dx10
3 - the good bios is the one you dumped from your PS2, nothing else
4 - Your hardware is very weak for pcsx2 (both CPU & GPU). It will be slow anyways.
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What jesalvein said and:

(02-24-2010, 08:48 PM)strcnr Wrote: [...]
graphics plugin ZeroGs 0.97.1.

Better use GSDX, it's usually better in every way. But jesalvein's right, you won't come far with your system.
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as Bright-Warrior says use gsdx and the latest pcsx2 beta
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