Running two instances of PCSX2
Hey PCSX community,

I just got a powerful new box, so I tried running two instances of PCSX2 at once, one for each of my monitors. That worked fine performance-wise, but controls only work in the game that has OS focus (im running the win7 rc), so me and a friend cant both play separate games at the same time.

Does anyone have any idea how I could pull this off? Im using two Logitech gamepads for controllers fyi.

Also, it looks like my version of SSX3 gets stuck in infinite loops (the game freezes and the core running the emulator maxes out), any suggestions as to settings i could change to prevent this?


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try installing 0.9.6 on 1 partition and the beta on the other?

idk if the install will ignore the one on the other partition tho
if it works, it will meen you can make different ini's for both so his joystick can be the one from 0.9.6 for example while yours is for the beta
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I'm pretty sure DirectInput is a primary focus input system only. So if you want multiple inputs you'll need to use an input plugin that isn't using DirectInput for at least one of the instances of Pcsx2 (which would mean LilyPad with the keyboard, and DirectInput disabled in the config).

Unfortunately it's also common courtesy for a program to disable keyboard input when it doesn't have the focus. I'm quite sure LilyPad does this, so even if you do set it to not use DirectInput, as soon as you take the focus away from that instance of PCSX2, lilypad will ignore all keyboard input anyway.

So the short answer is: not possible.

Long answer: It's doable, but only with a special hacked-up version of n input plugin, and with one or both input plugins *not* using DirectInput for their controller reading. It's likely not something most people will want to volunteer to do.
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Ah shucks, thanks anyways guys.
Impossible as far as I know. You can't focus two windows at once, 'cause then Windows won't know which window to send the key hooks to.
Did you try checking the "Monitor when in background" option in lilypad? I just tried doing this on the bios with 2 pcsx2 open and no pcsx2 window focused and worked, dunno if I just missunderstood your question tho. Or maybe just changing controller plugin per pcsx2 window open?
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