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Runtime Error (Problem Solved :] )
(02-08-2016, 01:49 AM)refraction Wrote: Sorry to keep harping on about updating directx, but when you did it, did you use this?

if not can you use that and try again.

hmmmm...I really don't want to say it... but I realize that my DirectX is not as updated as I expected. Just after I install what you have mentioned, it works. Every problems are solved. Thanks guys. You guys are kind and nice Biggrin

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Most problems are usually a result of user error. That's why I usually suggest clean installs of everything. That way you start with a clean slate so that when you start updating things there aren't any existing errors.

I knew "refraction" had good reason to be harping though lol. I'm really glad it worked out for you. In the future if you still decide to redo your os and you end up with the same problem just remember to use that file.


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