Runtime libraries + GSNull log errors
Hey! First time poster here, trying to set up PCSX2 in another system of mine, this time my laptop. Apologies if this thread is in the wrong subforum, but this place seemed appropriate.

System: i7 8550U, 1.80GHz, integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics card, 8G ram, Windows 10.
Using 1.4.0 PCSX2, trying to run Ar Tonelico 1.

My issue is stemming from the GS plugins. Each one besides GSNull tells me to install DirectX runtime libraries, which, after following through the link to I imagine I do, by pointing it to both PCSX2 directories (the one I put on my desktop, and the one in Documents), but trying to set them again just has the plugins repeatedly tell me to install them, presumably ignoring all the files. 

Meanwhile, trying to use GSNull just gives me that error where it says it can't make a log or something along those lines.

Thank you in advance.

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Alright, looks like I found the fix through an extremely obscure reddit thread. Closing the thread!

...Nah, not gonna be that guy. So, apparently amidst the flood of tiny files that comes with the download/install, there's a "setup" .exe. It's *stupidly* hidden. Running it solved my issues. Hope this helps anyone encountering this issue in the future.

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