S.O.S. Low FPS on decent computer. Need advice.
Comp : ASUS G73

Processor : Intel Core i7 Q700 @ 1.60GHz
Graphics : ATi Mobility Radeon (HD 5870)
Ram : 6GB
OS : 64-bit windows home premium

PCSX2 Version : 0.9.8

Def Jam Fight For NY, Bully, Need For Speed Most Wanted, are all running at 34.00 to 35.00 FPS and I cant figure it out. To my knowledge I have enough power packed into this machine to run these games with ease. Any advice on this predicament would be well appreciated.

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1.6 Ghz is outside the system requirements of pcsx2 and it's a laptop most laptops can't run pcsx2 perfectly
best to advise try on the desktop w/ 3ghz~more...
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use the latest revision here: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/

and enable the new speed hack MTVU ( along with other speed hacks as well Wink )

it should help you alot with CPUs with your case
Even enabling a third core, however, may still not help enough in your case and can cause games to crash and even possibly go slower.

1.6ghz no matter how many cores is still very much on the low side for gaming in general... That CPU probably can't even keep up with your GPU in normal games... let alone PCSX2 which is more CPU intensive than probably any PC game on the market by a fairly large margin.
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