SB:BFB - shadows on walls (indoors) flickering
I know I've made quite a few threads about SB:BFB, but I'm still trying to get this game running as close to the original as possible.

Anyway, I noticed that whenever you look at walls (indoors mainly) that the shadowing isn't quite right, it is not that easy to see, but shadow is sort of flickering. I booted up the game on my PS2, and the shadows on the wall appear perfectly fine. So I'm guessing it is with the emulator.

It's been awhile since I used any of the SVN's (I'm using pcsx2-5721-windows-x86), but I don't recall this issue occurring on older SVN's or the current stable build.

EDIT: I'm going to be trying this on my other computer later.

My settings:
[Image: TFf1Wn9.jpg]
[Image: Zb3AjtQ.jpg]
[Image: vsjbtoP.jpg]
[Image: Zn99v4I.jpg]
[Image: I7e1mTb.jpg]
[Image: V8zyvQC.jpg]
[Image: K5mAG62.jpg]
[Image: D5h3ZXe.jpg]

Video (pay attention to the shadowed area on the wall):

Any ideas? cheers.

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It looks like the price you have to sometimes have to pay for hardware mode acceleration. In this case, thankfully, it's a small one. Your best bet if it's that troublesome to you is to try software mode.
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It's not that troublesome to me, but it's just a very small pet peeve. I tried software mode, and the issue still persists unfortunately:

Any other ideas?

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