SCP Bluetooth Help ASUS BT400
I have installed the SC kit and successfully installed the updated bluetooth driver via Zadig.

However I can never get the controller to pair via bluetooth, although it does work just fine wired.

My Bluetooth dongle is an ASUS BT400 and I have even tried the remedy in this thread:

No avail Sad

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to avoid MotionJoy, so if I can get this working via SCP this would be great.

Any help is appreciated.


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Did you have a look into the scarlet.crush xinput mapper thread? I would start from the beginning doing exactly what is written there.
Thanks, that's where I started, after which I found the Zadig youtube video, and then googled for asus bt400.
So the thread did not help?

(Generally I would not trust youtube videos if you are not 100% sure that they are official)
I did not read the whole thread, it's 430 pages, but if you mean the first post, then yes, and I followed it to the letter multiple times, and no it did not help :/

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