SCP DS3 + Logitech Mini BT-Receiver
I have been able to successfully get this dongle to work with SCP DS3 and a legit PS3 DS3 controller (the Chinese one doesn't bluetooth pair).

  1. Install Logitech Setpoint
  2. Open Setpoint
  3. Click Bluetooth Icon
  4. Click "Bluetooth Connection Assistant" - It will now tell you that it's going to go into Bluetooth mode, blah blah blah.  You should see windows start to have a bit of a seizure as it detects new hardware.  When its complete, you will see the bluetooth icon in the system tray task bar. Leave this open for now - I think it may revert out of Bluetooth mode if you don't.
  5. Open ZaDig
  6. File->Open Bluetooth.cfg
  7. List all devices
  8. Here's the tricky part - there are about 3 Logitech Mini-BT Dongle devices listed, I picked the one with ID: 046D C709.  
    If you pick the other two, it wont work.  Just for reference they show up as ID: 046D C71B, 046D C71B and sometimes this one: 046D 0B06.  I suspect they're for the USB emulation parts of Logitech's implementation so you don't have to pair on boot, but I cannot confirm.  
  9. Load your driver - I noticed in the Device Manager, the Bluetooth device disappeared, and the device showed up under Universal Serial Bus Devices.
  10. Close ZaDig, close Setpoint
  11. Opened SCP Monitor -> Host address now shows
  12. Connected DS3 Controller, it shows charging
  13. Disconnected controller, all lights flashing for a bit (longer than 5 seconds), but eventually reconnected over bluetooth.
My knock-off Chinese controller won't pair over bluetooth, but works fine over usb.  I know there are posts in here about that, but it's not the point of this post.  At least the real controller works without issue over bluetooth.

Struggled with this one for a while - I did get it working once, but didn't write it down and lost it when I got Windows 10.  Now with this post it can live forever Tongue

Hope somebody finds this post useful and saves themselves many hours of time.

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Can you get this working in windows 10 creators edition?

I installed latest version of setpoint 6.67.83 but no longer see bluetooth connection assistant
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